8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year folks! A little bit cheesy, a touch irreverent, and preferably inexpensive. With Holiday Cheer comes Holiday Gifting, accompanied by a pocket full of stress. It’s easier when you’re shopping for your close and loved ones but what about your office Secret Santa?

Before you give someone a Christmas card and resign yourself to being "the boring one”, we bring to you some great ideas without breaking the bank. Whether you’re participating in a gift exchange or just want to spread some holiday cheer, here are some great gifts for family, friends & co-workers alike, all priced at AED 100 or less.

  1. 1) Quirky Office Mug

    Calories Mug Design - InkMASH.com

    How about a quirky office mug for your caffeine loving friend? It's simple, sentimental and useful for anyone who drinks coffee or tea. So basically everyone! Add to it a personalized gift message to give it that extra oomph (we offer it free so why not ;) ) -- AED 35 @ InkMASH

  2. 2) Festive Socks

    Festive Socks - Souq

    While they can’t control the temperature, keep your friends warm & fuzzy with these festive socks -- AED 75 @ Souq

  3. 3) Personalized Santa Hat

    Personalized Santa Hat - InkMASH.com

    Not just any Santa Hat, but a personalized one. You could go basic by printing their name on it or better yet a nickname or words that describe them best! The Santa Hat of course comes with the added benefit of keeping their ears toasty and outfits fashionable (PS: Imagine all the festive parties they can wear it to!) -- AED 40 @ InkMASH

  4. 4) A Go-Karting Experience

    Go-Karting - Groupon

    For the more adventurous ones, a good bet would be to get them an experience outside the office. Go-karting is usually a favourite (and a safe bet too!). You might think well.. wouldn't that be expensive?? Not when there are deals on! -- AED 80 @ Groupon

  5. 5) Christmas Coaster Set

    Christmas Coaster Set - InkMASH.com

    Add some festive spirit to a colleagues office table (or home) through this adorable Xmas coaster set. Save them tables from them rings! So really, it's a win-win. -- AED 75 @ InkMASH

  6. 6) Personalized Christmas Stocking

    Personalized Jumbo Stocking - InkMASH

    This jumbo sized stocking is great as a grand gesture and considering it can be personalized, even better! If you wanted to mix-match gifts this would be a great stocking to put other gifts in for an even more grandiose display. -- AED 75 @ InkMASH

  7. 7) Ye Good Ol' Motivational Book

    How to be a Bawse - Virgin Megastore

    Get them a book to teach them how to be a bawse written by someone exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, and smiles genuinely. Maybe they can become one in real life soon! As long as they don't become your boss, this is a pretty meaningful gift just before the new year. -- AED 89 @ Virgin Megastore

  8. 8) A Completely Personalized T-Shirt

    Custom T-Shirt - InkMASH.com

    Nothing says ‘I know what you like’ like a personalized t-shirt, create one of your own - upload their embarrassing photos, add text, go crazy! You get a blank canvas and a bunch of tools to use to create your masterpiece -- AED 80 @ InkMASH

On a cheesier note, regardless of how much your gift costs, always remember it's the thought that counts. This holiday season, let’s all take a little time out and appreciate everything that our loved ones do for us, however small it might be. We should always remember the whole point of giving is to express your fondness for another person — to let them know you love them and consider yourself blessed to have them in your life.

Happy Holidays everyone!