7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. It’s that one day of the year where couples can get away with practically anything funny, cheesy and sometimes even ridiculous. With another special day comes the dreaded time where one must pick out a gift. It's easy to splurge and get something expensive but do you know your partner well enough to get them something small yet so personal to them that it could mean everything?

We’re no romance-gurus but we’ve come up with some cheesy sweet slogans along with some that tickle the funny bone. Yes, Its V-day but doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun!

  1. 1) For the cheesy couple

    Magnetic Love T-Shirts

    AED 150

  2. 2) How about a nice picture of both of you on a phone cover? Cute!

    Custom Phone Covers Dubai

    AED 60

  3. 3) Maybe your crush likes dogs? Maybe you want to impress your crush? Subtle hints might do the trick ;)

    Dog Lover T-Shirt

    AED 80

  4. 4) Yes, that couple. The couple that matches their clothes. For V-day, you can wear them guilt free!

    Matching Couple T-Shirts Dubai

    AED 150

  5. 5) For the flirtatious

    Flirtatious T-Shirt

    AED 80

  6. 6) Let bae know that she's on your mind all the time!

    I've Bean Thinking of You Mug

    AED 35

  7. 7) For the single souls that have made it this far into the article, we have something fun for you too!

    Love Blah Blah T-Shirt

    AED 80

Nothing hit the spot? Take inspiration from these (or don’t) and just create your own V-day gift masterpiece! Head on over to our ‘CREATE’ section to make something special for the love of your life.