What your t-shirt color says about you?

Does the t-shirt you wear make you seem like a complete a$$ or are you the forever graceful giving angel? Ever given that a deeper thought? The colors you choose to wear say a lot about your individuality. What you wear on a regular basis can have an immense power over your mood, attitude and how you’re perceived by people. You might put more thought into the color you choose when buying new t-shirts after reading about what these colors REALLY mean.

As The Telegraph reports, 20% of 18 to 34 year olds surveyed said that injecting a splash of color into their work wardrobe helped land them a promotion and 20%of 25 to 34 year olds say it helped secure them a pay rise. WOW! Time to change my wardrobe!

  1. Black

    Black T-Shirts

    Black tore its way into fashion and became the definition of ‘chic’. Black symbolizes power, sophistication and mystery. On the flip-side, wearing black too often can make you seem menacing or even depressed. Researchers examined statistics from more than 52,000 NBA games and found that teams were penalized more for aggression while wearing black jerseys.

  2. White

    White T-Shirts

    it's the most common color, worn by all for good reason. It's often seen to signify purity and sharpness. It can be worn in different situations from formal wear to casual and also signifies the simplicity of the wearer. Style tip - Combine white with another bright color to create the ultimate chic look!

  3. Red

    Red T-Shirts

    It's a color best worn in settings when one is looking to impress and stand out. Bright red makes a person look incredibly passionate and powerful and personifies someone who is loving and enjoys the spotlight. Red is definitely a color to wear (if you’re a woman) and going out on a date. Wear this to get your date’s heart racing ;)

  4. Blue

    Blue T-Shirts

    Blue is the most stable color. Wearers of blue have a deep need for peace and harmony in their everyday life - they don't like their feathers ruffled. Blue is a color to wear (if you’re a man) and going out on a date. Women love seeing stable men. It is also calming and can help relax both you and your date’s nerves

  5. Green

    Green T-Shirts

    Wearers of the color green revel a sense of commitment and dedication. On the other hand, a darker shade of green elicits a calm vibe due to its strong link to nature. A fact nugget for the workaholics. The color green is restful for eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain and is best for desktop backgrounds and hence is also said to improve productivity.

  6. Pink

    Pink T-Shirts

    A lot of men still refuse to wear pink due to the stereotype of femininity being attached to it but contrary to belief, a lot of men are breaking such stereotypes and adopting pink as a part of their wardrobe. It’s a color that can easily be used to mix and match, be it with contrasts or similar shades. A person who wears pink is seen as confident, self-assured and stylish.

  7. Orange

    Orange T-Shirts

    Orange is a color of stimulation and enthusiasm. Orange is a nice mix of red’s passion and yellow’s joy. According to research from Vogue.com, it has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity, hence orange helps being social and it brings you out of being in your shell. It is the best color for helping you adapt to change.

Use your colors wisely and make a great impression. Create a desired effect in yourself just by the color you wear.. Ultimately this all about perceptions. Doing your own little social experiment around colors can help you understand which work best for you in different occasions. The key to carrying off any color and making it work to your advantage is ‘confidence’.